Dangerous Goods Consultant Service, for the storage, handling, transport and management of dangerous goods.

At All Modes Dangerous Goods training we are happy to be able to provide Dangerous Goods Consultant services and provide advice on all matters concerning the storage and transportation of dangerous goods, whether carried by sea, rail, road or inland waterways. Our reputation as leading consultants for the movement of dangerous goods by all modes of transport enables us to assist with all aspects of compliance in regards to dangerous goods in the workplace.

Legally, every business in Australia using, transporting and storing dangerous goods has an obligation to handle these items safely and responsibly, and to ensure they cause no harm to people or the environment. If improperly used or stored, dangerous goods can cause catastrophic damage, ranging from environmental damage, to injuries and even deaths, which is why dangerous goods safety is imperative.

Risk Assessment of Dangerous Goods Handling & Transport

The issues surrounding dangerous goods go well beyond OH&S - it's your legal responsibility to ensure that you are using, storing and handling your dangerous goods safely. Understanding the technical nature of Australian Dangerous Goods Standards goes well beyond the everyday responsibility of an in-house workplace health and safety advisor. Our highly experiences consultants are able to visit your location to conduct a thorough risk assessment to ensure that your workplace has the correct procedures in place to ensure complainace with the law.

Documentation of Emergency Plans & Procedures

Effective emergency procedures are one of the most important parts of compliance in relation to management, storage and shipping of dangerous goods. In addition, your procedures are to be maintained in line with regulatory changes and comply to the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. At All Modes Dangerous Goods, we are able to assist with the creation of emergency plans and procedures for your business.

Get in touch today to discover how we can assist in ensuring your business complies with all aspects of Dangerous Goods transport, storage and management.